Whatever After 2: If the Shoe Fits

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Tonight the mirror swept us into Cinderella's fairy tale. Now, we are NOT messing this story up. No way. Cinderella is going to marry her prince just like she's supposed to. 


Cinderella broke her foot, and there's massive swelling. The glass slipper won't fit, the prince won't know she's the one for him, and they won't live happily ever after. And it's all our fault!

To save the day we'll need to:

  • Learn how to use a dustpan
  • Stay out of jail
  • Find Cinderella a job
  • And make sure true love finds its way.

We just have to get it all done before the clock strikes twelve and the chance for a happy ending is gone...forever!


Praise for If the Shoe Fits

"Once again Mlynowski cleverly revises a classic fairy tale, offering a fresh interpretation of Cinderella's story and giving it a modern update." –Kirkus Reviews

"Mlynowski has a knack for these fresh, hip fractured tales and is particularly adept at the funny details, like Abby’s pajama pants, which have the same pattern as the Floom flag. Tween girls are going to gobble this story up like a crownie (Cinderella’s brownie specialty) and want another and another." –Booklist

"This charming story serves as a solid follow-up to Fairest of All...It is fun to see Cinderella go from a damsel in distress to an independent young woman, not to mention refreshing." –School Library Journal