Whatever After 6: Cold as Ice

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Brrrrrr. This fairy tale is freezing!

When Jonah and I land in a winter wonderland, we realize we must be in the story of the Snow Queen. This Snow Queen is super mean, and she turns our dog into an ice sculpture! 

So we have to:

  • Defrost our furry friend
  • Ride a very chatty reindeer
  • Learn to ice-skate
  • Escape from a band of robbers

And if we’re not careful…we could end up frozen ourselves!


Praise for Whatever After

"Hilarious...with unexpected plot twists and plenty of girl power." –Booklist

"My daughter loved the young, sassy girl on the cover and I loved the premise of the book...The best part is that they mess up the story and the lead female character has to learn how to stand on her own. The feminist in me adored it, and the mother in me loved how my daughter would long to cuddle in close as we read together." –The Washington Post

"Tons of fractured fairy tale fun." –New York Times bestselling author Lauren Myracle

"An uproariously funny read." –Kirkus Reviews