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Whatever After: Dream On

Whatever After 4: Dream On

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Good night, sleep tight, don't let the magic mirror bite...

My friend Robin and I were going to have the best sleepover ever. We'd stay up late, eat s'mores, share secrets and NOT knock on my magic mirror. I was NOT getting pulled into another fairy tale.

But the mirror STILL ends up pulling me and my brother, Jonah, into Sleeping Beauty's story and this time, Robin comes with us, too! When Robin pricks her finger on the spindle, I know we're in trouble. Now she's fast asleep, Sleeping Beauty is wide awake, and I have to:

  • Host a fake birthday party for Jonah
  • Find a prince to wake up Robin
  • Avoid getting cursed by scary fairies

We only have ten hours to make things right...or this day will become a nightmare!

Praise for Dream On

"In this fourth installment, the magic mirror draws in not only Abby and her brother Jonah, but also sleepover guest Robin, who, suffering a pinprick, slips into an unconsciousness that only a prince can remedy. Sarah Mlynowski's fairy tale mashup features a buoyant tone and an abundance of surprises to keep you interested." —Barnes & Noble

"An enchanting fantasy...Sleeping Beauty in a modern setting." Annie Laura Smith

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