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Allison, Jodine, and Emma set their apartment on fire. No, they didn't do it on purpose. What kind of lunatics do you think they are? And don't go worrying. No one got hurt, although they did go to the hospital. Unfortunately, there was no one in white yelling "stat!," no one climbing aboard a gurney to thump life back into someone's heart, and no hot paramedic performing artificial respiration.

What they do have now is one giant repair bill and no money. Problem? No way! Not for three bright women with a great fund-raising idea—they'll organize swanky soirees and dating seminars.

Perfect. How could this possibly go wrong…?

Praise for Fishbowl

"Mlynowski wisely focuses the most on the girls' relationships with each other, creating fully dimensional characters and a terrific story." —Booklist, starred review

"…Mlynowski is out for a rollicking good time from the start." —Arizona Republic

"Fishbowl is Mlynowski's ambitious follow-up to Milkrun…an original and very funny celebration of friendship between women." —Waldenbooks, Best of 2002 Women's Fiction

"Undemandingly perfect."—Jewish Chronicle

"Hilarious." —BookTelevision

"The girls (and the book) are full of wit, laughs and even a little bite!" —B Magazine, Best Holiday Read

"A fresh and witty take on real-life exams in love, lust, trust, and friendship." —Bestselling author Jessica Adams

"Irresistible, witty, and bitchy." —Glasgow Evening Times