As Seen on TV

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When Sunny Langstein decides to pack up her Florida life and move in with her boyfriend in Manhattan, her big sister isn't thrilled. What modern-day twenty-four year old leaves her promising career, fabulous friends, and perfect underground parking spot with accompanying convertible for a guy?

Only, Sunny has an additional incentive: the chance to star on Party Girls, the latest reality-television show. True, she might become a national laughingstock and it pays nothing, BUT it's a job — a job in Manhattan. She'll get to be with her boyfriend, Steve. Okay, so she can't tell anyone she isn't single — but with freebie designer clothes, alpha-beta peels, and coconut-cream pedicures to make her transformation into a made-for-TV single girl complete...she can't lose!

But when the show's premiere plunges Sunny into a media frenzy of talk shows, tampon endorsements, TV heartthrobs, and S&M toys, how long will it take for Sunny to lose track of where she ends and her alter ego, Sunny Lang the Uber Fashionista Single Superstar, begins?

Praise for As Seen on TV

"A fun and telling look at the world of reality TV and the lure of fame." —Booklist

"As Seen on TV is simply irresistible — one of the best reasons you could find for reaching for the TV remote and hitting the off button." —international bestselling author Nick Earls

"Fast-paced exciting, this book is also timely and relevant thanks to the ongoing reality TV craze." —Romantic Times

"Mlynowski has managed to create lively characters that defy traditional romantic archetypes." —The Calgary Herald

"Sarah Mlynowski's As Seen on TV is funny…Tapping into the crazy world of 'reality' television and those who live it, the book is filled with witty characters and Steve, a lovable boyfriend whom you can't help rooting for." —Columbus Dispatch

"After replacing sleep for the past week with my current addiction to the book As Seen on TV, I have finally soaked in and read every last page. I have never laughed out loud so much while reading a book, nor have I identified so closely with a character as I did with Sunny." —Alima Ravenscroft, contestant on For Love or Money