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Think Twice Excerpt

Read an excerpt from Think Twice, the Don't Even Think About It sequel! (For teen and YA readers)

Think Twice Excerpt

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Date: November 1st
Subject: Recruitment

Dear Lawrence,

Below, please find my assessment of the twenty remaining Espies.
As you know, I’ve been monitoring them for the past two and a half years, since they were sophomores and first became telepathic from their flu shots. I hope you find my report satisfactory and that it aids the selection process for Operation Diamond.


1. Barak, Michelle
One of the few Espies who do not live in Tribeca. She lives in a fourth-floor walkup in Midtown. Obsessed with romance novels, particularly ones about princesses and princes.
Not recommended: Spends too much time reading and is mostly sedentary.

2. Bhatt, Mona
The only Espie junior. Dating George Marson, Espie #13. She was one of the ones who we discovered later in the year.
Not recommended: Still has another year of high school.

3. Brohman-Maizner, Jordana
Overly concerned with her physical appearance, e.g. walks around with a full manicure set, multiple lipsticks. Wears hair extensions, false eyelashes, and would like breast implants. Values fame to an unhealthy degree. Agreed to appear in that horrible reality show about their ESP, We Know What You’re Thinking.
Not recommended: Displays reduced mental capacity.

4. Byrne, Olivia
Aspires to be a doctor. Dating Espie #15, Cooper Miller. 
Not recommended: She once had severe anxiety – could potentially resurface if faced with extreme stress. 

5. Cole, Brian James (goes by BJ)
Discusses sex and sexuality constantly. Dating Tess Demir, Espie #6.
Not recommended: National security is far from his mind.

6. Demir, Tess
Talented writer. Dating Brian James Cole, Espie #5.
Not recommended: Has a need to be open and truthful.

7. Feldman, Mackenzie
Despite having the most talent in the class, and being extremely attractive (could be used as a honeypot to seduce targets?), she is not a motivated student and might not have the necessary confidence to be successful.
Not recommended: Too risky.

8. Ferrero, Brinn
Weird, weird, weird. Loves fencing and strange clothing. Mumbles. 
Not recommended: Too weird.

9. Gaw, Nick
Star baseball player. Already being recruited by top athletic programs.
Not recommended: He’s a bit of a pothead. And he would never agree to give up baseball. Also, his mother is a teacher here at Bloomberg High and would likely kill me if he was recruited.

10. Hunter, Courtney
Self-centered. She also stars in We Know What You’re Thinking
Not recommended: Craves fame.

11. Jenkins, Levi
Surrounds himself with Espie groupies. 
Not recommended: Craves attention. 

12. Kolar, Anojah
Nice girl. Excellent morals. Refuses to wear her glasses since it seems to increase the volume of her ESP.
Not recommended: Perfect eyesight is obviously preferred in this program.

13. Marson, George (goes by Mars)
Piano prodigy. Dating Mona Bhatt, Espie #2.
Not recommended: Too artistic – i.e., too emotional.

14. McMann, Edward
Likes anything related to the paranormal, especially vampires. Dresses in all black.
Not recommended: Creepy.

15. Miller, Cooper
Pothead, gambler. Dating Espie #4, Olivia Byrne. 
Not recommended: Does not take anything seriously.

16. Newman, Sadie
Mature for her age; likes to date older men.
Not recommended: Falls in love too easily, would be distracted.

17. Philips, Isaac
Nice guy. Secure in his sexual orientation.
Not recommended: His refusal to dye his hair – he’s entirely gray! – illustrates his desire to stand out, as opposed to blend in.

18. Ricci, Polly (goes by Pi)
Smart, ambitious, focused.
***Recommended: Shows strong leadership ability. Would have no moral qualms or hesitations about “taking care” of any “problem.”

19. Zacow, Daniel (identical twin brother of David Zacow, Espie #20)
Aspires to perform in Las Vegas.
Not recommended: Too flaky.

20. Zacow, David (identical twin brother of Daniel Zacow, Espie #19)
Aspires to perform in Las Vegas.
Not recommended: Too flaky.

As you can see, the only candidate I can recommend is Polly Ricci, Espie #18, for her exceptional mental capacity and relentless ambition. She would be an asset to your “special team.”

As a personal note, I’ll be pleased when this is over. Teaching Lab to telepaths at a Manhattan high school is not my ideal undercover placement. There was a reason I didn’t have children. Teenagers smell like feet.

Dr. Suzanna Dail
CIA Operative