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The Two-Month Itch

Your roommate says you have a two-month itch, and will break up with your boyfriend soon... but that can't be right, can it? (For adult readers)


The Two-Month Itch

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Your roommate has accused you of having the "two-month itch." She claims you're going to break up with your boyfriend now that your two-month anniversary is approaching. Says you always do. This is crazy. You love your boyfriend. 

Now you're on a plane, and the boy sitting next to you is stunning. Hours pass. The mystery boy is fascinating. His face is an inch from yours. Do you close the gap and kiss him, or do you stay faithful to a boyfriend you're not even sure you like? At least you know this dilemma has nothing to do with the "two-month itch" your roommate keeps talking about...right? 

Praise for Sarah Mlynowski

"Mlynowski is acutely aware of the plight of the 20-something single woman — she offers funny dialogue and several slices of reality." —Publishers Weekly