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Must think happy thoughts. But nothing can change the fact that Jeremy — the man I was supposed to marry — went to Thailand to find himself. (For adult readers)

Must think happy thoughts. Julie Andrews dancing. Cadbury's chocolate Easter eggs. But no amount of positive thinking changes the fact that Jeremy — the man of my dreams, the man I would marry, the man who should spend his whole life worshipping me and lavishing me with kisses — went to Thailand to find himself.

Obviously I'm not as cute and witty as I thought I was, since while I've been sitting around every weekend, he's been sleeping with half of Thailand. And then he found Someone Else. That someone not being me.

I have been pathetic.

But now I will date. I will become the queen of dating. I will forget all about him.

Single in Boston. But not for long...

Praise for Milkrun

"Just wonderful funny and heartbreaking and true, true, true." New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner

"If Bridget Jones ever found herself at a loose end in Boston, she'd find a great friend in Jackie Norris. A sexy, sassy story of singledom from the skilled pen of Sarah Mlynowski." bestselling author Carole Matthews

"Mlynowski is acutely aware of the plight of the 20-something single woman she offers funny dialogue and several slices of reality." Publishers Weekly

"Hip, glib and sassy." The Courier Herald

"This Sex and the City-style story is chick-lit for the modern age." Heat

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