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Know It All

Shaun's roommate claims she is tiny bit psychic and insists that Shaun's ex is about to meet someone new. Now Shaun needs to investigate... (For adult readers)

Know It All

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A story of friendship, flip-flops...and fortune telling.

Shaun's new roommate Dee claims to be a little bit psychic. Can you be a little bit psychic? Is that like being a little bit pregnant? Dee insists that Shaun's ex-boyfriend Brahm is about to meet and fall in love with someone new. A redhead. At Jeremiah's. Shaun doesn't believe in psychics, and even if she did, she's over Brahm. Definitely over him. But maybe she should head over to Jeremiah's just in case...

Praise for Sarah Mlynowski

"Mlynowski is acutely aware of the plight of the 20-something single woman — she offers funny dialogue and several slices of reality." —Publishers Weekly

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