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About My Books


+ I have a book report due! Can you tell me the plot/theme/setting of one of your books?

Oops, no, I can't! But good luck with your book report. If you need any additional information about me, head on over to this page or this page.

+ Where did you get the idea for Whatever After?

As a kid, I had two favorite kinds of bedtime stories. The first were about a little girl named Sarah who lived in Montreal, just like I did, but magic stuff happened to her, like she had a magic umbrella and could fly, or a magic fork that could turn vegetables into chocolate. The second were fractured fairy tales. Since I was not a fan of vegetables, when my mom told me the story of the Princess and the Pea, the queen put M&Ms under the girl’s mattress to see if she was a true princess. When I became a writer I wondered: What if I combined the two? What if a regular girl magically fell into a fairy tale and fractured it?

+ Where did you get the idea for Upside-Down Magic?

Emily Jenkins, Lauren Myracle, and I told our editor David that we wanted to write a book together and laid out all these elements we thought it should have — funny magic, eccentric characters, emotional truth, ridiculous composite animals, flying sequences, and so on. All four of us talked, and David helped us shape the idea of a magic school with a class for, well, magical misfits.

+ Who illustrates the Whatever After books?

Helen Huang! She is amazing.

+ Have your books won any awards?

Yes! Don't Even Think About It was the winner of the 2015-2016 Teen Readers' Choice Stellar Award. Much thanks to readers for their support!

+ Will you ever write a fifth Magic in Manhattan book?

Rachel and Miri's story ended in Parties and Potions, and right now I have no plans to write a fifth book...but I never say never! I do have a brand new YA novel out now. I See London, I See France is about two best friends who backpack through Europe together on their summer vacation. If you like the Magic in Manhattan series, I really think you'll like I See London, I See France.

+ Is there a sequel to Don't Even Think About It?

Think Twice, the sequel to Don't Even Think About It, came out in April 2016. You can find more information and an excerpt here, or here (UK edition).

+ You didn't answer my question!

I didn't? Did you read the other FAQ pages? (Check out the FAQs about me, about writing, about becoming a writer, and about my upcoming books.) You already read all those pages? And I still didn't answer your question? Oops. Sorry about that. You can head to the Contact page for my snail mail address or to get in touch with me via email. I'll do my best to get back with you as soon as possible!